Meet the tutor: Keith Gray

About Keith Gray

My name is Keith Gray. I founded this site to demystify some of the complexity related to Dangerous Goods transport and help learners prepare for the exam(s).

I’ve been involved in vocational education for 15 years. I’ve been a Trainer, Instructional Designer and Senior Manager during that time. One of my insights from attending (a lot of) courses myself, is ‘technical’ subjects can often seem to be about the instructor delivering the course – this is a bit of a problem.

You see, most of us remember being at school. It was often a passive experience. Let’s be honest, it was often boring. But, as we were kids, grown-ups knew better…

Now we’re adults, it turns out, we do know better!

We’ve got life experiences. Some of us even have relevant technical experience. We can discuss, create, and work out answers for ourselves. We might need someone to present us with options or guide a discussion, but we don’t need 200 slides – from basic to mind-blowing.

Ultimately, this is what I’m trying to achieve – a different way to study for the DGSA qualification. A way that is relevant to your employment and that utilises your experiences.

On average, I create a blog post once a week. Sometimes it is curated content with links to industry articles or events. Other times, it’s insights on aspects of the DGSA syllabus and exam tips.

Please feel free to get in touch with me via You can also find me on LinkedIn


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