As a HR manager, I book training on behalf of others. If the qualification is standardised, isn’t one provider much the same as another?

The examination is the same for all candidates. However, the learning and examination preparation depends on the training provider. Ultimately, organisations want their employees to pass, ideally first time. As you know, the cost of the qualification isn’t only measured in the price of the course and the exam – there’s also time away from the business (a somewhat hidden, but significant expense). Resits are often unbudgeted and require even more time away from the workplace.

Every training provider lives (or dies) by their results. But, as providers results are not disclosed by the awarding organisation, this is a difficult assessment to conduct. This is not saying that training providers are disingenuous, rather it’s just difficult to gauge for the Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser (DGSA) qualification.

Our approach is a simple one: better support; better results. Learners achieve better results with individualised and focused support. For us, this takes the form of pre-course preparation and online revision exercises. After the course (during the revision period), we offer all learners a 60-minute 1:1 session with one of our tutors. We also offer this 1:1 FOC, should any of our learners not pass, as a satisfaction guarantee.

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