What are the benefits for booking on behalf of someone else?

It’s easy

Book one or multiple learners on to different course types, as well as their exams and ADR manuals. No duplication of effort. No additional costs. 

You will find the booking process easy to navigate. All major credit cards are accepted and you’ll receive a booking confirmation at the end.

Great Support

Once the purchase has been completed, you’ll receive a booking confirmation with an itemised invoice. That you would expect though…

What we’ll also do is begin a series of communications (and opportunities for discussion) with your learners. We’ll tell them exactly what they’ll receive, and when they’ll receive it. We’ll also let them know what to expect of the course and introduce them to some concepts. 

This groundwork is important for a ‘technical’ qualification, such as DGSA. Not only does it offer some pre-learning but it also helps assuage any fears they may have. 

It’s Cost Effective

All course options take your employee from the workplace for five days, plus at least another day for the exam. Although not mandatory, we recommend that you may also wish to give them some additional time to revise. For aspiring DGSA’s, at least initially, ‘success’ is defined by the examination result. 

As re-training and resits are often unbudgeted, we appreciate the imperative to pass first time. With ongoing support, and an individualised approach to revision, we’ll provide your learner with the best chance of first-time exam success.

Our virtual course option provides the same tutor-led course, however, learners can study from the comfort of their home or their workplace. This eliminates the need for accommodation, travel and removes any concerns about a covid-secure learning environment.

Workplace in mind

DGSA is a very broad syllabus. This is because a DGSA could go into an array of operational environments. Consequently, the course will likely cover topics that your learner may not need in the course of their ‘day job’. 

We appreciate that whilst the initial aim is to pass the exam, you need the learner to bring the newly acquired knowledge and skills back in to the workplace. 

We aim to establish as much as we can about the cohort, pre-course – the types of businesses they work for and the roles which they occupy. This collective experience, particularly of more seasoned DGSA’s, is of great value to learners. 

Once the exam results are released, we will contact your learner to detail how they can continue their professional development. This isn’t necessarily formal training, as there are several associations and even LinkedIn groups that would achieve the aim of CPD (continuous professional development).

Satisfaction Guarantee

Whilst we can’t guarantee your learner will pass, we can guarantee they’ll receive:

  • Technically accurate and up to date information
  • Learner-centred activities that really embed key learning points
  • 1:1 coaching session, included in the cost of every course
  • Development of individual revision plan
  • Revision materials which are a key element of their exam preparation

Should any of your learners not pass any of the three exams, we’ll also offer another 1:1 coaching session, free of charge.

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