What are the benefits for me as a learner?

The Experience

Learning as part of a group is beneficial in itself. Individuals bring work (and life) experience from their current and previous roles. Informal (peer-to-peer) learning, whilst difficult to quantify, brings enormous benefits to the overall knowledge and experience of a learner. 

Learner Centered

There will be times when we need to impart information, but our general ethos is that adults learn best by doing. Consequently, your course materials are designed to both help you become familiar with the subject matter, as well as giving you the confidence to find the answers for yourself.

Career Progression

Professional qualifications contain specific and relevant technical information. That in itself has value in the job market. They also demonstrate a commitment and a capability which are also desirable to employers. 

DGSA’s occupy all sectors of industry. Some specialise – the DGSA role is their job. Others are more generalists – they may also be a Health & Safety manager, transport manager, project manager etc.

Dangerous Goods is an interesting subject to learn (we promise). More importantly, dangerous goods are of significant and global importance. Opportunities exist with consignors, forwarders and carriers.

Professional Development

The Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser (DGSA) qualification is unique. It is the benchmark qualification for the road transport industry and a must have for any dangerous goods professional. Whilst there are training requirements for Sea and Air transport, there is no equivalent of the DGSA role.

Becoming a DGSA also makes it much easier to understand the requirements of other modes, as well as the differences.

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