Online DGSA Course

Online 5 day Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser course

Our tutor-led online course means you can study from the comfort of your own home or workplace. You can also choose how far out from the exam you want to study, to best suit your learning style.

Our approach is simple: better support; better results.

  • You’ll receive an online pre-course entitled an Introduction to your DGSA Course.
  • Join an exciting online classroom with break-out rooms, interactive whiteboard, and polls to keep you engaged
  • Recorded sessions of your days training that you can play back as part of your revision – on demand
  • 1:1 coaching is included in the cost of all DGSA courses. Post-course, your tutor will spend time with you, developing an individual revision plan.
DGSA's pass faster with our 1:1 coaching sessions, included in the cost of every course

Your exams and ADR manuals included

Booking the course and SQA exams can feel like a duplication of effort. Once you’ve provided your details we will book your DGSA examination with SQA (Scottish Qualification Authority), on your behalf.

You’ll then receive the latest versions of ADR two weeks before the start of the course. We will send you further information about what you should (and shouldn’t) do in our pre-course guidance.


Revision Options

You can choose from 2 types of online course:

  • Three weeks before the exam date. This enables additional revision time. 
  • One week before the exam. Although this means less time for revision, it does mean the learning from the course is more recent. 

There’s no right and wrong answer here. It’s a personal choice based on your own approach and how much time you can realistically assign to your revision.

Having the option allows you to choose the course that best suits your circumstances.

Qualified DGSAs looking at work documents having passed our DGSA course

Online Vs Classroom

Which is best for me?

  • Online


    • Learn from anywhere

    • Work from the comfort of your own home

    • Save on travel and accommodation

    • 2 options of course date to suit your learning style

  • Classroom


    • Removes home/work-based distractions

    • Learners can interact with the tutor and other learners

    • Creates a sense of community with other learners

    • Removes technology, which for some, can be a barrier to learning

Upcoming Courses

Below are our currently available course dates. We have options to attend online via our virtual classroom or in-person at our course in Coventry

Course date Course Location Places remaining Exam date
25/08/2022 – 02/09/2022 Online 7 15/09/2022 Book Now
05/09/2022 – 09/09/2022 Coventry 8 15/09/2022 Book Now
31/10/2022 – 04/11/2022 Online 8 24/11/2022 Book Now
07/11/2022 – 11/11/2022 Coventry 12 24/11/2022 Book Now
14/11/2022 – 18/11/2022 Online 5 24/11/2022 Book Now
06/02/2023 – 10/02/2023 Online 10 02/03/2023 Book Now
13/02/2023 – 17/02/2023 Coventry 12 02/03/2023 Book Now
20/02/2023 – 24/02/2023 Online 10 02/03/2023 Book Now
22/05/2023 – 26/05/2023 Online 10 15/06/2023 Book Now
05/06/2023 – 09/06/2023 Coventry 12 15/06/2023 Book Now

Meet your course tutor

Hi, my name is Keith Gray. I founded this site to demystify some of the complexity related to Dangerous Goods transport and help learners prepare for the exam(s). It doesn’t matter if you’re starting out on your career in dangerous goods, or if you have a lifetime of experience. Our aim is to ensure you have an interesting and engaging experience…

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Keith Gray, DGSA Academy Course Tutor

What happens after I book the course?

Leaners on all course types receive the same structured support, enabling the best chance of exam success.

  • Booking confirmation

    Course bookers receive a booking confirmation with a VAT invoice. Any registered learners also receive a welcome email, introducing the course tutor and explaining the next steps.

  • Pre-Course

    Prior to the course, we’ll provide access to our online Introduction To Your DGSA Course and a short quiz to establish what you already know about dangerous goods.

  • ADR Manuals

    The main text for the course will be sent to you approximately two weeks before the start of the course. ADR consists of two big volumes. We urge our candidates not to be intimidated by these books – they are not designed to be read front to back – they are reference manuals.

  • The Course

    The course takes 5 days but Friday afternoon is optional for revision or mock exam practice.

    It is an intensive course, so it is important that you attend each day and turn up on time. Other than that, it is on us to make sure you understand the content and you’re confident going into the exam. 

    DGSA Academy exists with the sole purpose of training, preparing and supporting you through your DGSA exams, and beyond.

  • Post Course Revision

    We will send you additional revision materials which you can use as you see fit – gaps in a learner’s knowledge are as individual as learners themselves, so we help you prepare accordingly.  

  • The Exams

    You are required to pass three exams to qualify as a DGSA by Road: Core, All Classes, Road. The exams you sit are ‘open-book’. You use the ADR manuals (and other texts) to answer the questions presented. This means you are not required to remember what’s in the ADR; it’s more a test of how to find the correct information.