What Happens If I Fail My DGSA Exam?

I thought we agreed, ‘failure’s not an option!?’

Only kidding.

Of course people fail their DGSA exams. Sometimes, what you prepared for wasn’t what happened. Sometimes life got in the way of your revision. And sometimes, time just ran away from you.

Whilst DGSA Academy consistently beats the national pass rate, some of our candidates do fail an exam – every training provider has candidates who fail an exam. And let’s be honest, it wouldn’t be an exam if everyone passed – it would be an attendance certificate.

Failing an exam, particularly one as challenging as the DGSA, isn’t terminal. And it certainly doesn’t make you a failure. All that matters is how you respond.

So, whilst you might be a bit grazed and have a bruise on yer’bum, here’s what to do next…

Can I Find Out Where I Went Wrong in My DGSA Exam?

If you didn’t get the result you were expecting, one of the actions you can take will provide you with some (limited) feedback. Here’s what you do:

  • Make a Subject Access Request to the awarding organisation, SQA. It’s free of charge.
  • You will receive the front page of your exams which will contain the marks achieved for each of your answers.
  • It won’t show you the detail of the question, but you will get to see how you scored and where you dropped marks, so will still be useful.
  • It isn’t a re-mark and won’t change your result, so you will still need to re-book and resit the exam that you failed.

We highly recommend this course of action. It’s easy to do and here’s the link. You’ll need your candidate number from your results letter.

You’ll receive a response to your request within 30 days, but it could be much sooner.

If you took your course with us, we’ll use this information to work with you and develop a revision plan. We also provide you with additional learning and revision materials. See the end of this post for more detail.

Can I Appeal The Result of My DGSA Exam?

You can make an appeal but this course of action does come with a caution. The appeal is not a re-mark of your paper. It’s a check that all SQA’s procedures have been correctly followed. It looks at:

  • Has all exam material been fully considered?
  • Have marks for answers been correctly awarded?
  • Has the result achieved been correctly recorded in the results letter?

Unless it’s found that the above procedures haven’t been followed, this appeal wouldn’t result in a re-mark of your paper. The issue is, it’s really only a tallying-up exercise. And as it’s already been checked at least three times, the success rate for this option is very low.

For the sake of £20, you may still think it’s worth it. Here’s a link to the form

I’m Going To Re-Sit. How Can You Help Me?

Our commitment to our learners is the same now as it was when you booked your course – we’ll provide you with the support you need until you achieve the qualification.

In preparation for your resit, we offer the following support, free of charge:

  • Access to additional on-demand learning content and assessment materials
  • A new course workbook
  • 60 minutes 1:1 coaching to guide your exam preparation.

If you have any questions, or wish to get access to the additional support, please contact us and we’d be happy to help you.

Sometimes, when life chucks you off the horse, you’ve just got to get up, dust yourself off and get back on.